Contur® – The intelligent propeller made of Carbon Fiber
Propeller technology has essentially not changed for many years. Yacht masts, hulls and many other features of marina technology has turned to carbon fiber and now we have Contur® propellers.

Contur® Marine Propellers

The propeller with exchangeable blades

Intelligent Propeller

We have subsequently developed a range of marine propellers under the registered trade name of Contur®. Each propeller is fitted with separate exchangeable blades, constructed of advanced high strength carbon composite materials.
There is also a NEW high performance intelligent propeller. This is a unique lightweight, low noise propeller with individually replaceable blades, should any of the blades be damaged, thereby avoiding the costly expense of replacing the entire propeller.

Contur®– A low weight and low noise propeller

Tanya Katzen One of the distinguishing features of the carbon fiber propellers is their ultra lightweight due to the use of advanced composite materials. Up to 60 to 70% reduction in weight is achievable in comparison to a conventional propeller. In addition due to the unique design of the low profile blades, the Contur®propeller is extremely quiet and free of cavitation.
Lightweight Contur® Carbon Fiber Props

1 meter diameter Contur® prop

Contur®  Carbon Fiber props

Contur® – Improved acceleration and reduced fuel consumption

Another unique feature of the Contur® propeller is the flexible pitch of the propeller blades, which provides quicker acceleration. The pitch of the blades adjusts automatically as load is applied, enabling the engine to reach its top RPM quicker than a conventional propeller. This is described as an “intelligent” propeller resulting in quicker acceleration.

Contur® – Flexible Blades

Contur® Carbon Fiber PropellerThe flexibility of the blades allows the yacht to achieve her top speeds at lower RPM rather than full throttle. Under such conditions the load on the propeller blades is relatively low, enabling the Contur® propeller to adjust to it’s maximum pitch. By doing so, the vessel reaches the required speed at a lower engine RPM, which in turn means lower specific fuel consumption. On average a 15% reduction in fuel consumption can be achieved. Less fuel consumption means an increase in range of approximately 15%. The Contur® propeller provides faster acceleration along with a significant reduction in fuel consumption.