Contur features

Contur® – The intelligent propeller made of Carbon Fiber

What are the special features of this propeller?

They are high efficiency, increased smoothness and strength. The Contur®propeller consists of a metallic hub and carbon fiber blades. If a blade is damaged it is easily replaced either at dockside or by a diver.

Contur® Carbon Fiber Propeller

Contur® Carbon Fiber Propeller

The first difference when comparing propellers is the extraordinary light weight, approximately 1/3 of a standard metal. Other advantages are:

  • Low weight at the stern

  • Reduction in stress on the stuffing boxes and propeller bracket bearings

  • Improved acceleration/Speed

  • Improved emergency performance

  • Easy handling

All previous vibration and noise is dramatically reduced. Gear change is smoother, acceleration is brisk and your refueling stops reduced.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Prop

Contur® Propeller Sound Chart

Contur® Propeller Sound Chart

Contur® Propeller Speed Graph

1 meter diameter Contur® prop

Contur® Propeller Speed Graph

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