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Contur® – The intelligent propeller made of Carbon Fiber

Each propeller is designed for the vessels special use i.e. work, fish cruise, race, sail etc. Our customers measurements are input into our computer model developed and constantly refined by a staff of engineers over many years and different vessel use. Consistent design quality results in a 3-10+ percent improved efficiency.

Carbon fiber composite material, unusual in propeller design allows each blade to be identical in size, weight and shape which dramatically reduces vibration and noise caused by metal props. This is coupled with the dramatic reduction in weight at the end of the shaft which enhances the smooth ride while the blade design reduces prop cavitation. The typical noise reduction is seen on the accompanying bar graph usual 5db or more.

All blades are made from the customers same custom mold assuring their identical shape and weight no balancing is necessary, no electrolysis is possible since they are not conductive and a hard polished surface allows the props to run free of antifouling or protective paint. Any marine growth can be removed without scraping. Improved strength compared to metal props reduces the risk of impact damage.Resistance to corrosion is guaranteed by the very high chemical resistance of the material to seawater. In addition the coating applied to the propeller blade is non conducting, so corrosion is also avoided.

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Contur® Carbon Fiber PropellersThe propeller leaves the factory with the carbon fiber reinforced blades covered with a hard polished surface so there is no further need to apply an antifouling or protective paint. A further characteristic of high strength fiber composites, is the improved strength relating to conventional propeller materials such as bronze or stainless steel. A combination of high strength material at the edge of the blades guarantees a very high resistance to impact thereby reducing blade damage as a result of grounding or contact with submerged objects.

Carbon Fiber Strength and Stiffness

More Information on Carbon Fiber

More Information on Carbon Fiber

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