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Contur® – The intelligent propeller made of Carbon Fiber

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Vessel Data
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Length Overall:


Length Waterline: LWL= Feet
Beam Overall: BOA= Feet
Beam Waterline: BWL= Feet
Draught: Feet
Weight (full load):


Stern Form (select one)
Shaft Strut
Rudder Heel
Dead Wood/Skeg
Cutter Stern
Tunnel Stern
Engine Data
Engine Type:
Engine Manufacturer:
Number of Engines: nM=
Rated Power HP: P= PS
Rated Power kW: P= kW
@ Rated RPM: n= 1/min
Number of Cylinders: z=

Gear Box Data

Gear Type:
Gear Manufacturer:
Gear Ratio (Engine/Propeller)   i=

Current Propeller (select one)

Left Right
Rotation Direction (looking from stern)
Number of Blades: Z=
Propeller Diameter: D= inches
Pitch: P= inches
Disk Area Ratio: AE/AO=
Blade Cup: Yes No How Much:
Rope Cutters: Yes No

If possible, please include a brochure of the boat as well as an out of water photograph of the stern including the propellers, keel and rudder preferably in one shot.

Performance of Current Propeller

Engine Speed-Propeller RPM        Approximate Load

Actual % Load

n1= RPM v1= knots n1= 60% load % load
n2= RPM v2= knots n2= 70% load % load
n3= RPM v3= knots n3= 80% load % load
n4= RPM v4= knots n4= 90% load % load
n5= RPM v5= knots n5= 100% load % load
Propeller Installation Data
Max. Radius Rmax= Inch
Tip Clearance Tc= Inch
Distance to Shaft Strut Dss= Inch
Distance to Rudder DR= Inch
Shaft Angle a= Degs
Distance to Rudder Heel Dh= Inch
Propeller Shaft Data
Shaft Diameter Dshaft= Inch
Taper Big Diameter DW= Inch
Taper Small Diameter W= Inch
Taper 1 in K K=
Taper Length Ltaper= Inch
Hub Diameter (front) DN= Inch
Key Way Width B= Inch
Key Way Depth H= Inch
Key Way Length L= Inch
Aim of the New Propeller
Reduce Vibration, Smoother Run
Reduce Fuel Consumption
Higher Speed

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