Carbon fiber

Contur® – The intelligent propeller made of Carbon Fiber

About Contur® Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a high strength, high stiffness synthetic fiber that is used in a variety of structural and electrical applications. Carbon fiber is manufactured by heating, oxidizing, and carbonizing polyacrylonitrile polymer fibers. The resulting carbon fibers are typically molded into high strength composite materials for structural applications or are used in their pure form for electrical and friction applications.
Carbon fiber composites have amazing structural properties. Carbon fiber composites are ten times stronger than steel, yet are still five times lighter. In comparison to aluminum, carbon fiber composites are eight times stronger, two times stiffer, yet still 1.5 times lighter. Carbon fiber composites have superior fatigue properties to all known metallic structures, and when coupled with the proper resins, carbon fiber composites are one of the most corrosion resistant materials available.

Today carbon fiber reinforced composites products are used in automotive, marine, aerospace, construction, energy & military defense. Some examples of it’s uses are; the Space Shuttle, Stealth Bomber, Formula 1 Race Cars and America’s Yacht Cup. The applications for the amazing properties of carbon fiber continue to grow every day.

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