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A Volonte’ 82 ft. Motor Yacht

We are the owners of an 82 foot motor yacht A Volonte’, which needed new propellers after an engine change to Cat C-30.   We did our research and installed  a pair of Contur® props.  Performance, reduction in vibration, and increased fuel economy 10% was as described.  We are so enthused that we became the U.S. and Western Hemisphere distributor A Volonte' 82 ft. Motor Yachtfor Contur® carbon fiber propellers.

Get out of the “Bronze Age”, put a pair of these propellers on your vessel, save the cost of propeller reconditioning with each bottom job, extend your range, or increase your speed with the efficiency gained, then you too can have “Props for Free.”


Meet Our Team

Dr. Mel Katzen Captain Dale Dean Bob Leavitt, MBA
Retired physician – Raised in Miami Beach. Lifelong boater. Extensive management and business experience in healthcare, lodging, and construction industries. Lifelong Florida boater with more than 30 years as Yacht Captain. Excellent management, navigational and mechanical skills. More than 20 years of business management. Bob loves the water. He could swim before he could walk.  He enjoys boating, fishing, diving and all water sports.

Daniel Skidmore & Tanya Katzen

A Volonte ~ 82 ft. Motor Yacht

82 ft. Motor Yacht ~ A Volonte’

Daniel Skidmore shares the business development aspects of A Volonte’ Ltd. with Tanya Katzen.  Raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Daniel’s background includes many years around the yachting business.  His appreciation of sailing and motor yachts lends considerable value to our team of yachting specialists.
A Volonte’ Ltd.
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